Making a Successful New Year's Resolution

It’s that time of year once again.  Everyone has made it through the two holidays that contain the best foods, baked goods and candies.  Two holidays that literally have candies and baked goods created just for them and if you are like the majority of people in this country, you just finished

eating your way through the entire holiday season!

       Now, as the holidays are past and the year is coming to an end, we start realizing that it’s time to get back into shape.  The new year is coming and it brings with it the age-old tradition of making our New Year’s Resolutions and the even older tradition of abandoning those resolutions before February hits.


          58% of Americans make New Year’s Resolution every year.  That is over half the country making a resolution to change or improve some aspect of their lives. 


          Out of the Top Ten resolutions made, 3 of them were to lose weight, work out more and self-improvement.



          If you are like me, you’re probably thinking “Wow, that’s AWESOME!  So many people wanting to change their lifestyles and health for the BETTER!”.  Unfortunately, it is a lot easier to MAKE that resolution than it is to KEEP that resolution.

          Out of all those resolutions made, only about 9% of people feel they were actually successful.  People who feel they have infrequent success and those who say they NEVER succeed is a staggering 88%

          That is a HUGE number of people who feel that they ultimately fail at their resolutions EVERY YEAR!

          Let’s look at why that might be and what we can do to make sure we end up in the 9% who succeed!


       We only have so many hours in a day! 

That is one of the biggest problems we face with New Year’s resolution, we just don’t have the time.  Between work, family, kids, school functions and basically everything that is required of an adult, that leaves us with very little time to put into our resolutions.

          You want to work out more so you purchase a membership at your local gym.  The problem is, you have to try to squeeze it in between work, supper and helping your kids with their homework.  You also have to figure out what to do with your kids while you are at the gym because most of them don’t offer child care while you work out.

          You also resolved to improve yourself.  What does that even mean?   Did you wake up that morning and think to yourself “I want to find a way to make a resolution so generalized that it’s impossible to succeed at”?   


          That leads us to another reason why we fail.  We make resolutions that have no real goal plan, path to success and no end point.  Sure, no one sets out planning to fail, but by setting such generalized resolutions you are basically setting yourself up for failure!


          At this point you are probably asking what this has to do with a Karate blog.


Well, I’m about to tell you!


        You can get a gym membership and lift weights on your own, but you still have to set your own goals and path and figure out what lifts to do, what sequence to do the lifts in and figure out proper form on your own.  That is unless you want to pay extra for a personal trainer…of course you read the part that said pay extra because a personal trainer isn’t included in your membership costs.


  This is on top of any child costs you may have while you’re at the gym, not to mention the time you are now spending away from your family.


How about joining karate as your New Year’s resolution?


          What do you mean karate as a New Year’s resolution?  How can that make my resolutions successful? 


Well I am glad you asked!


          Before we get into some of the health benefits of karate, let’s look at one major benefit of joining karate.  You can do it right alongside your family! 

          When you make the decision to join karate, you can sign up and come to classes as a family.  That makes every class a family activity!  This allows you to spend time with your kids, but best of all it allows your child the chance to see you working towards a goal alongside them. 

          Your child will enjoy and appreciate the fact that you are taking part in something they enjoy and there are very few things as rewarding as accomplishing a goal with your child.


Not only will you be working towards your goal of losing weight or getting in shape, your child will be learning valuable lessons that will stick with them for life.


Your child will learn self-discipline, respect and gain self-confidence while in karate.  This will help to make them better in school and at home and will help to make them less vulnerable to bullying.  Of course, nothing can stop a persistent bully, but the self-confidence and discipline gained from karate can equip them with the life skills needed to better handle a bully.


Karate teaches much more than just punching and kicking


Unlike joining a gym where you will have to either figure out a training plan by yourself or pay extra for a personal trainer, in karate this will all be done for you.  Your Sensei will teach you everything you need to know and will have a class program already planned out to guide you from white belt to black belt.  The best part is this is all covered, you don’t have to pay extra for a personal trainer.


          As for goal setting, the belt ranking system in karate is there to not only show you a path, but each belt marks your progression along that path to black belt.  Not only will you have an end goal already set, but you will be able to easily see your progression and successes along the way.


          Karate is a great way to lose weight and get in shape.  It is both aerobic and anaerobic at times, making it a great cross training form of exercise.  Through aerobic training, karate will improve your cardiovascular health and build stamina while speed and power utilized in karate will build strength and muscle tone through anaerobic exercise. 


All this adds up to a healthier you, both physically and mentally!


If you wake up on January 1st and decide that your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, lose weight, self-improvement or to do more things as a family, karate can help you to accomplish all of those. 


2018 can be the year that you accomplish your resolutions.  It can be the year that you take the first steps towards building a better you physically and mentally and it can all begin with just one phone call


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Dojo Staff