Welcome to our new website!  We want to apologize in advance if you experience any broken links or blank pages, as we are still “under construction”.  Make sure you check back often because we are constantly adding new and exciting material.  We will be adding photos and even some videos that will include current classes, graduations, seminars and even some throwbacks that will feature some major names in Karate such as O’Sensei Koeppel, Parker Shelton, Major Hayes and many others! 

            For those in our Black Belt Leadership classes, we are offering a members only section that will require a password that will be provided to you.  In this section you will be able to find dojo news, upcoming graduation info and terminology pages to assist you in learning. 

            Anyone visiting our website that is interested in karate or would like more information, you can fill out the form on our homepage or contact page and our Program Director will contact you to answer all your questions.  Please make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the links to visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

            Make sure to keep an eye out for a new Store link that will be coming soon!  We have partnered with a local graphic design company and will be bringing you many exciting karate and dojo related items including shirts, coffee mugs and much more!

Dojo Staff